what is reflexology?

What is Reflexology and What can I Expect?
While in your Reflexology Session - I mix my accredited training and muscle massage, to work areas of not only the foot - but your entire body through your feet. Including the organs, lymph, and various glands. Your body muscles will feel relaxed ( to the point that most people fall asleep ) - and afterwards, you will feel a sense of deep relaxation, inner balancing and refreshment of your systems for your overall health.


common reasons i see clients

Common reasons I see clients:
Stress Relief, Insomnia, Circulation (pre-natal, diabetes, etc.), Head-aches / Migraines, M.S., Pain Relief, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Fertility, Endometriosis, PMS, Back Pain, P.O.S., Sinus Issues, Hormore Imbalances, Hot Flashes, Menopause, PMS., Organ Function and as a part of a regular Health Regime and regular Preventative Health Schedule.
( Medical Research papers can be found below)

During a True Reflexology session, you will receive 45-60 minutes of Massage and brought through a Pressure Point System, through the top, bottom, back and lower leg & calf. You will more than likely fall asleep (approx. 90% of my clients do). You do not have to take off more than your socks, and can recline in your favourite chair or couch (if at home), or on a massage table if in one of the clinic locations.

A Properly Accredited Therapist, will not perform a true Reflexology Session in less than the 45 Minute timeline. They will not tell you how often you "need" to come back either. After you have tried a schedule of therapy sessions, your body will tell you when another Reflexology Session is needed.

history of Reflexology

Beginning in Egypt, and later found among Native Americans, Reflexology is a zone theory of Massage, much like Acupressure, and Acupuncture. The knowledge being that there are different areas of your feet, that correspond with the areas, organs and glands of the body. After Reflexology being used for over 2500 years in Eastern Cultures, more and more Western Doctors and Scientists are acknowledging the effects of Reflexology on your Health and Stress Relief


I am a Certified member of the Ontario College of Reflexology, The Registered Reflexology Council of Ontario, a Certified Hot Stone Therapist, and Certified Reiki Master and Teacher.
You can Contact me at: footopia.ca@gmail.com