Whole body practitioners i have found

Through the years, I have searched high and low for like minded practitioners in other fields. We all have the same goal, and direction in helping our patients get BETTER.
Here are the people that I work with, and that I recommend:

Neha Sharma ND
Neha is an amazing Naturopathic Doctor. Patient and direct, she has helped me with many aspects of my internal life and energy. Bettering myself from the inside out - She has brought great amounts of energy to my own life and practice!

Michelle Biro

what can you expect?

Reflexology Foot massage is an easily performed therapy.
You are in a comfortable room, and relaxing on a massage table the entire treatment. On your back, with warm covers, most people fall asleep.
With each session is 60 minutes (or 90 if you preffer), each foot is stretched, massaged & specificly put through a series of qualified steps and pressure points.

effects, treatment and knowledge

Stress is a well documented part of our everyday lives, and with 80% of illnesses known to be caused by stress. Foot massage (and specificaly) Reflexology, are vital and helpful ways to reduce illness through everyday tension & pain.
I have gladly added an entire page dedicated to learning the truth and benefits of Reflexology and another page on Research and Reflexology in the News .
I have also kept my costs down to a minimum, to better serve you.

My hope is to genuinely Help people. I want to bring research and education on ailments and therapies, help you to find more happiness, less stress, and an over all better well being into your lives.


Reflexology is Safe
Reflexology is Drug Free
Reflexology is Needleless
Reflexology is Great for circulation
Reflexology is Harmonizing- Bringing your body back to a normalized state of Balance / Homeostasis.

Common reasons I see clients:
Stress, Insomnia, Circulation (pre-natal, diabetes, etc.), Head-aches / Migraines, M.S., Pain Relief, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Fertility, Endometriosis, PMS, Organ Function and as a part of a regular Health Regime and regular Preventative Health Schedule.

You will see, there is nothing quite like taking the time to Treat your Feet!


I am a Certified member of the Ontario College of Reflexology, The Registered Reflexology Council of Ontario, a Certified Hot Stone Therapist, and Certified Reiki Master and Teacher.
You can Contact me at: footopia.ca@gmail.com