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I have been practicing Reflexology for 5+ years. I spent a very long time in researching a Canadian and National Accredited Institutions for my education, and graduated from The Ontario College of Reflexology, with a 98.2% average. I am also accredited with the Canadian Assosiation of Reflexology, and am registered with both institutions.
I also have many years experience with wellness and healing. I truly believe that we dont always need to be in pain. Many people have become 'used to' feeling stress, pain and illness. I have been able to focus my natural talents and instincts into a wellness practice, to help peopl heal through Reflexology, and / or Reiki Therapy.
I am also a Reflexology and Reiki Teacher, furthering my belief and need to help people feel better and their over-all health.
I am fortunate enough to receive extremely positive FEEDBACK on my practices and skills, and am more than proud to be able to help people with their stress relief, pain relief, and over all better health and wellness in their lives.
I am also in my second year of earning a Bachelors in Psychology part-time, hoping to eventually Counsel peoples minds as well as their bodies. I am dedicated to helping people to refresh and rejuvenate themselves and their lives. Both through natural, holistic, scientific, and education of ailments, therapies, and options.
I truly love what I do, and am fortunate that what I love to do is to help people feel better. To see my clients grow, and be able to keep up with their regular health practices is a blessing I cannot possibly take for granted. Seeing the smiles as they leave, and hearing how much better they feel with regular visits, is a fullfilling and fabulous life I cannot help but be regularily thankful for!

Thank you, and I hope to have the opportunity to speak with you soon, and help you on your way to better health and stress relief!

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I am a Certified member of the Ontario College of Reflexology, The Registered Reflexology Council of Ontario, a Certified Hot Stone Therapist, and Certified Reiki Master and Teacher.
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